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Welcome to my personal & business flower page. Where you can find my honest and open stories, a bit of my family life, and my work as a Dutch florist. Feel free to read every word or choose to skip the text and scroll through my photo's. 


That feeling of being creative and in love with nature.. Speechless and without criticism the flora and fauna shows me everything I want to know. From my 14th I chose to work with flowers. Now I am 34, still learning and getting inspired every day. I went to a floral design school for 6 years and it was a wonderful time. After several experiences as an employee I recently decided to work full time for myself. You can hire me as a freelancer and I’m also going to start teaching new flower courses in 2022. I love making natural inspired objects and arrangements. Last but not least I can make flower design for your romantic wedding day, love it!
Because I do so much different work, I give myself the possibility to keep the balance between my creative work and personal family life (more at my blog).

Life should be all about sharing, create together, have fun and focus on sustainability.

You can follow my new journey on this website, blog and Instagram.


“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed, not just on the body, but the soul.”

Alfred Austin

I have always been curious about the rhythm of nature and the beauty nature gives us. I am looking forward to explore the world of flowers, by combining different skills. One day i soak up all the little details with my camera and the next day i am working in a flower atelier in the middle of a city center.

My style is a combination of urban, design and down to earth. A quiet base in combination with powerful flowers. Earthy tones (70%) with a layer of crazy colors (30%). Concrete, dark green, wabi sabi, pastel, unique, natural, handmade, male and female.
Dramatic by using contrast and at the same time detailed artwork. All day long there are ideas flowing and it feels great to create, it makes me feel comfortable and complete.

my style

‘I am a florist,
that means I live in a crazy fantasy'.


Remember it is ok not to be perfect. When you feel like you are a bit different than everybody else it means that you are special, one of a kind and that is something to celebrate. 

Feel free to be yourself and authentic.
You are welcome to send me a message and ask me more about my work.