Hi florist, creative you and flower lover! 

Yes, there is a date and a location!
Tuesday 12 April 2022 // Aloha Wijk aan Zee //
10:30 - 17:00

Here you can learn more about floral design and get creative together with other florists. It will be a special day with beautiful flowers and different technics. 

✓Remarkable location on the beach, my personal favourite!
✓ Small group, max 6
✓ Personal attention
✓ Tasty lunch and drinks
✓ High-end flowers
✓ Professional photos for your portfolio

After giving 3 full day courses for Amsterdam Flower School (unfortunately they stopped) I decided to continue with these fun days. Personally, I really enjoy giving you the opportunity to grow and develop as a creative, confident florist. So that you, for example, dare to ask the right price or can work with a higher quality of flowers.

Have you been a florist for a while?
Are you looking for more depth in your profession? I get you.. The daily work is fine, but you would like to make larger flower arrangements. Create a higher price, find your personal style. Most of the time you work with the same flowers but you are curious and interested in a different quality but not shure how to get there. You can be an employee or have your own bussines, everbody is welcome. 

Or have you just started your floral design experience and interested in more? You feel that this is your thing but how do you get from there? Working with flowers or designing with your heart are to different worlds. Let me tell you: the most important thing is the feeling. One's you have that you can follow your own floral path.... and it is great. 

The lesson //
During this lesson you will learn to look at flowers again. Get out of your comfort zone and let your own style grow. Whether the lesson is given in English depends on the registrations. Let me know your preference. My previous full day courses were in English and then I gave personal tips in English or Dutch, which worked well. It's your day and you can ask me anything. We are going to design different arrangements that will get you out of your normal routine. We are going to think 'out of the box' and i am going to guide you in this proces. I believe that you can learn new things by stretching your boundaries. 
You are welcome to ask me questions after the course by e-mail/phone or app. As long as you are growing and getting back home all excited about this great craft.

Time line //
We meet eachother at 10:30 at the Maui room at Aloha. Start at 11:00 with a personal arrangement, you can bring this one home after the course. Have lunch around 13:00 and start again at 13:45. In the afternoon we are going to make a big flower arrangement with the group. Around 16:30 we are finished with arranging and there is time for questions. 

Address //
Reyndersweg 2
1951 LA Velsen-Noord
Tel. 0251 374 130
Click here for the website 
You can park your car at the parking place and then it is a 10 min walk to Aloha. Make shure to park your car a but early to make it on time :) and enjoy your walk. 

Price //
295,00 excl btw 
You can pay in 2 parts of (April 150,00 & May 145,00)
You get an (the first) invoice one week before the course starts. Do you feel sick because of covid or other reasons? Let me know. You will receive a gift voucher for one of my products or services. There are more courses coming this year. 

The full experience //
Full day course and evening course.
There is the possibility to come to both courses at the same day. You can join me on this big adventure ;). Have a nice (also vegaterian and vegan) diner at Aloha
and work with flowers from 10:30 till 21:30! 
Special discount!
Together from 448,25 incl btw to ----> 400,00 incl btw
You can pay in 2 parts of (April 200,00 & May 200,00)

Do you have questions? You are welcome to get in contact with me. We can call/e-mail/app to talk about the details of this course. 

Looking forward to meet you. 


Full day course