Let me take you on a creative journey. This personal 1:1 session is all about you!

Are you ready to learn?
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There can be many reasons why you have come this far on my website and why you are looking at personal sessions. To be honest I wish there would be an artistic florist that gives online courses with personal attention. Ok, I hear you thinking... there are. But the thing is, I love to create with my heart and to do that with someone else I need a click and connection. Sometimes you need to share your story with someone that can guide you to a different level. Someone that is honest to you without breaking your heart.

There are so many things to learn about floral design. What is it you want to know? Can I tell you something? Give you a sneak peek of my days/weeks and how I do what I do? I would love to guide you and be there for you if you need an opinion or someone with experience.

I can tell you I am still learning every day, the sky is the limit and there are no boundaries. It is your path to everything you want and let no one tell you it is not possible. Believe in yourself and follow your heart.

✓ Personal
✓ English or Dutch
✓ Videocall
✓ Dive deeper in your creative journey
✓ Ask me anything
✓ 1 hour (or longer)
✓ Price 75,00 excl BTW 

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Personal 1:1 session


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